Brains Gone Geek and a Little Freak

Brains Gone Geek and a Little Freak

A few weeks back I wrote about a brain supplement I had just started to try out.

Turns out that supplement was not the best choice. It was new, with not a lot of reviews, but time is proving it to be quite ineffective and the company who creates it looks a little shady. There are several complaint on the BBB complaints board.

Alas, I didn’t spend too much on it so I’m going to get on with my life.

Part of that moving on process involves maturing in my research process for supplements, especially to do with my brain. I should really be more careful with that thing.

My next cerebral enhancing product to experiment is THE most researched nootropic I’ve found. None other than Alpha Brain from Onnit.

Alpha Brain has had two independently conducted clinical trials conducted. Demonstrating without doubt its efficacy. It’s the nootropic with clinical trials I’m aware of.

Onnit and Alpha Brain have been around for ages too. Always a good sign to see a well established company prosper. It’s a sign that they’re doing something right.

As with last time. I’ll report on my personal results with this cognitive booster in the near future (almost rhymed there :) )


Geeking Out On Brains

Geeking Out On Brains

What does being geeky mean?

An interest in the cerebral. Wearing of glasses from copious amounts of reading at night. A passion for technology, code and the like.

The key is the cognitive world. An internal, introverted, tendency.

Athletes take supplements like protein powders to boost performance. What about mental athletes? Can the same apply? Can we give a supplemental boost to our mental performance? I’m on a quest to find out.

My research will take the form of 30 day trials of a variety of leading ‘nootropics’ (brain vitamins). Starting with CogniQ. Get the low down on this supplement for a younger, healthier brain.

I’ll check back in with an update after my trial has concluded and geek out on the results here. Until then!

My Libido Greater Than My Boyfriend’s Problem

My Libido Greater Than My Boyfriend’s Problem

Guys are supposed to be the horny ones, right?

I’ve actually not found that to always be the case. I have a pretty healthy love drive. My current boy is actually not interested in sex as much as I am.

That’s nice in one way. He’s not grinding my leg constantly looking to get off. But, balance would be nice. What’s a girl to do?

  1. Accept the situation (not really me)
  2. Break up with this dude
  3. Fix him! (I like this one)

I’ve done a little homework and low sex drive in guys is often as a result of low testosterone production. And, what do you know, my partner is vegan. Vegan means no cholesterol from animal products. And cholesterol, Wikipedia tells me, is essential to testosterone production.

So, my first attempted fix to this bug, is to gift him a supplement to level up his testosterone, which should level up his libido, stamina and vitality. I did some research and Nugenix seems like a legit natural way to do just that. It looks above board and safe too. Good Amazon reviews, sold in GNC and so on.

Ronda Rousey “I’m not a do nothing bitch”

Ronda Rousey “I’m not a do nothing bitch”

This inspired me lately. The most dominant female athlete in the world, Ronda Rousey stated

I’m not a do nothing bitch

I think Ronda is an amazing influence on young women. She’s a powerful role model in everything she’s achieved in life, but also in her support of a healthy body image.

There’s a balance in MMA. Take Chris Cyborg who has tested positive for banned substances, which many argue have permanently transformed her body in a more manly way.

MMA fighter Chris Cyborg

There is a difference between working your ass off and having a strong female body, and chemically increasing your testosterone, for lower fat and bigger muscles all in one. It’s arguably unfeminine, but definitely illegal in combat sports.

My Favorite Anti Aging Cream and The Pretty & Geek Blog Launch!

My Favorite Anti Aging Cream and The Pretty & Geek Blog Launch!

I am so so super over exciting to finally get my very own blog up and running!

It’s been a long journey. I love my technology, but coding was completely new to me and I’m proud to say I did everything myself. (With a little help from WordPress!)

To celebrate the Pretty and Geek blog launch, I want to share with you my best kept skin care secret: LifeCell.

LifeCell is hands down THE BEST anti aging cream on the market. Or at the very least, the best skin cream I’ve found and used personally. And I’ve tried one heck of a lot of creams.

The beauty of LifeCell, is that it’s an all in one cream. Say good bye to night creams, eye creams, day creams and the rest. This is all you need. And despite it being around $180, it can work out cheaper than buying several different high end skin products. On top of that, you save tonnes of time in applying the cream and taking the best care possible of your skin.

Stay tuned and stay geeky! And remember to follow me on Twitter. There is plenty more tech and beauty news coming your way.